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Oil painting of Asian lady posing with umbrella in "Wind Costume" over a windy and rainy background.  This regenerated copyrighted work is based on a late 19th century vintage Japanese hand tinted photographic studio portrait in the public domain.


Select a category. Afterwards, click on thumbnails to see enlarged view. Click on enlarged view to see details on prints and custom framing.  All framing pictured in this online gallery are for demonstration.  Customers decides their own custom framing within our online gallery store.

How to Use the Gallery Search System

The key for effective use of the gallery search system is knowing the content of the searchable image tags.  Each gallery image is assigned specific searchable tags containing alphanumeric descriptions based on image colors, subjects, objects or shapes within images, and etc. Since there are 1.8 billion possible combinations of colors, image tags can not include every color variation within an image. Besides, it would not be necessary. The human eye can not perceive slight variations of color details that make up 1.8 billion colors. For the sake of uniformity, images are tagged using a standard set of identified colors that visually matches a full rang of common colors.  Image tags also include up to four exact match RGB color code tags to support exact match searching. Clicking the following link will display a standard set of color names and codes used to tag gallery images.

Click to view (Standard Color Tags for Gallery Images)