Standard Color Tags for Gallery Images

To use, simply identify the closest matches to your color scheme from the list below. Enter the corresponding color names or color codes into the gallery search box. Note that gallery images may not include all the colors in your color scheme. Try entering one to three color combinations to discover more possibilities.

Whites/Pastels - Grays - Blues - Greens - Yellows - Browns - Oranges - Pinks/Violets


Color Name
RGB Color Code
Color Sample
Snow fffafa  
Snow 2 eee9e9  
Snow 3 cdc9c9  
Snow 4 8b8989  
Ghost White f8f8ff  
White Smoke f5f5f5  
Gainsboro dccdc  
Floral White fffaf0  
Old Lace fdf5e6  
Linen faf0e6  
Antique White faebd7  
Antique White 2 eedfcc  
Antique White 3 cdc0b0  
Antique White 4 8b8378  
Papaya Whip ffefd5  
Blanched Almond ffebcd  
Bisque ffe4c4  
Bisque 2 eed5b7  
Bisque 3 cdb79e  
Bisque 4 8b7d6b  
Peach Puff ffdab9  
Peach Puff 2 eecbad  
Peach Puff 3 cdaf95  
Peach Puff 4 8b7765  
Navajo White ffdead  
Moccasin ffe4b5  
Cornsilk fff8dc  
Cornsilk 2 eee8dc  
Cornsilk 3 cdc8b1  
Cornsilk 4 8b8878  
Ivory fffff0  
Ivory 2 eeeee0  
Ivory 3 cdcdc1  
Ivory 4 8b8b83  
Lemon Chiffon fffacd  
Seashell fff5ee  
Seashell 2 eee5de  
Seashell 3 cdc5bf  
Seashell 4 8b8682  
Honeydew f0fff0  
Honeydew 2 e0eee0  
Honeydew 3 c1cdc1  
Honeydew 4 838b83  
Mint Cream f5fffa  
Azure f0ffff  
Alice Blue f0f8ff  
Lavender e6e6fa  
Lavender Blush fff0f5  
Misty Rose ffe4e1  
White ffffff  


Color Name
RGB Color Code
Color Sample
Black 000000  
Dark Slate Gray 2f4f4f  
Dim Gray 696969  
Slate Gray 708090  
Light Slate Gray 778899  
Gray bebebe  
Light Gray d3d3d3  


Color Name
RGB Color Code
Color Sample
Midnight Blue 191970  
Navy 000080  
Cornflower Blue 6495ed  
Dark Slate Blue 483d8b  
Slate Blue 6a5acd  
Medium Slate Blue 7b68ee  
Light Slate Blue 8470ff  
Medium Blue 0000cd  
Royal Blue 4169e1  
Blue 0000ff  
Dodger Blue 1e90ff  
Deep Sky Blue 00bfff  
Sky Blue 87ceeb  
Light Sky Blue 87cefa  
Steel Blue 4682b4  
Light Steel Blue b0c4de  
Light Blue add8e6  
Powder Blue b0e0e6  
Pale Turquoise afeeee  
Dark Turquoise 00ced1  
Medium Turquoise 48d1cc  
Turquoise 40e0d0  
Cyan 00ffff  
Light Cyan e0ffff  
Cadet Blue 5f9ea0  


Color Name
RGB Color Code
Color Sample
Medium Aquamarine 66cdaa  
Aquamarine 7fffd4  
Dark Green 006400  
Dark Olive Green 556b2f  
Dark Sea Green 8fbc8f  
Sea Green 2e8b57  
Medium Sea Green 3cb371  
Light Sea Green 20b2aa  
Pale Green 98fb98  
Spring Green 00ff7f  
Lawn Green 7cfc00  
Chartreuse 7fff00  
Medium Spring Green 00fa9a  
Green Yellow adff2f  
Lime Green 32cd32  
Yellow Green 9acd32  
Forest Green 228b22  
Olive Drab 6b8e23  
Dark Khaki bdb76b  
Khaki f0e68c  


Color Name
RGB Color Code
Color Sample
Pale Goldenrod eee8aa  
Light Goldenrod Yellow fafad2  
Light Yellow ffffe0  
Yellow ffff00  
Gold ffd700  
Light Goldenrod eedd82  
Goldenrod daa520  
Dark Goldenrod b8860b  


Color Name
RGB Color Code
Color Sample
Rosy Brown bc8f8f  
Indian Red cd5c5c  
Saddle Brown 8b4513  
Sienna a0522d  
Peru cd853f  
Burlywood deb887  
Beige f5f5dc  
Wheat f5deb3  
Sandy Brown f4a460  
Tan d2b48c  
Chocolate d2691e  
Firebrick b22222  
Brown a52a2a  


Color Name
RGB Color Code
Color Sample
Dark Salmon e9967a  
Salmon fa8072  
Light Salmon ffa07a  
Orange ffa500  
Dark Orange ff8c00  
Coral ff7f50  
Light Coral f08080  
Tomato ff6347  
Orange Red ff4500  
Red ff0000  


Color Name
RGB Color Code
Color Sample
Hot Pink ff69b4  
Deep Pink ff1493  
Pink ffc0cb  
Light Pink ffb6c1  
Pale Violet Red db7093  
Maroon b03060  
Medium Violet Red c71585  
Violet Red d02090  
Violet ee82ee  
Plum dda0dd  
Orchid da70d6  
Medium Orchid ba55d3  
Dark Orchid 9932cc  
Dark Violet 9400d3  
Blue Violet 8a2be2  
Purple a020f0  
Medium Purple 9370db  
Thistle d8bfd8